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4956 Baseline Drive

Parkdale, Oregon 97041

OPEN Wednesdays - Sundays 11am- 8pm
CLOSED Mondays & Tuesdays


Hi I'm Justin.

My culinary career has taken me from Boston and Key West to the San Juan Islands and back home again.  And I've incorporated everything I've learned along the way into my cooking, like the Jerked Chicken on menu learned from my time in the Keys. And now I've taken what I've learned along the way and put it together to create a restaurant of my own.

Your food is prepared by me.  All of our desserts either come from Apple Valley Country Store or were probably made by your waitress Sandy aka "Cornbread Sandy" who happens to make the best bread pudding on the planet. Just sayin'.

Our beef is 100% certified angus beef.  Everything is smoked with local cherry wood that is delivered every week, an apple bin at a time, from our neighbors at Mt. View Orchards.  

We use as much fresh produce as possible. We drive a mile up the road to Kiyokawa Family Orchard for pears for our coleslaw.  Lou Gehrig from Flour Garden Bakery (yes, that is his name)
makes our buns.

Our wines are all local. I either pick up wine on my way to work or the winery owners will bring in a case when they come in for dinner. 

Our beer is local. We support Double Mountain Brewery, Logsdon Farmhouse Ales, Full Sail in Hood River, Everybodys Brew Pub in White Salmon and Solera Brewery
across the street from us in downtown Parkdale.

All this to say that I put a lot of pride into my work.  I enjoy what I do.  And the best part of my job is becoming friends with the people who come in and enjoy my restaurant. 


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