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About our products


Our jams are hand crafted with local fruit and berries.  Made with less sugar and more fruit to bring out the natural delicious flavors.  

Pepper Jellies

Our pepper jellies add a zesty and mildly spicy element to some of our favorite fruits and berries.  


Our home made fruit syrups are made with local fruits and juices to bring you a special treat to add to breakfast or use as a dessert topping.  

Sugar Free Jams & Syrups

We craft our sugar free jams and syrups with local fruit and juices then gently sweeten them using Splenda.

Pie & Cobbler Fillings

You really can make our famous pies and cobblers at home, every jar comes with a recipe for our favorite cobbler and directions for baking.  


 All of our hand crafted sauces, whether sweet or savory are made to bring out the best in each fruit.  From the classic Rhubarb sauce to our innovative cherry pear chutney, we have something for everyone.


We source our mustards from local Oregon companies and carry a variety of flavors and styles to choose from.

Pancake, Scone & Muffin Mixes

Our specialty mixes make for the perfect gift or family activity.  Don’t forget the sauces to go along with them.

Apple Valley BBQ

The perfect gift for any BBQ fan!  Get our signature sauces and dry rub to use at home.

Columbia Gorge Naturals

Columbia Gorge Natural’s celebrates the heritage of our local farms and orchards by combining the scents of locally grown fruits and berries into our goats milk and glycerine soaps and our all natural lip balm.

Gift Wrapping

 Ordering a gift?  We now offer gift wrapping for all occasions.  We use simple brown paper and special ties and ribbons.  Includes a gift tag that you can personalize with a brief message and all additional shipping costs.


New products are coming soon!